New Products

Assorted toffees - 100g. When these toffees slowly melt in your mouth, you can truly indulge in the first to the last one you eat.
Chewy Fruity Jelly - 100g. A mix of bright colours.
Colourfull Rotella Gums - 100g. Bright Coloured gums you'll love. Pick your favourite colour and enjoy, you won’t be able to resist another….and ... more info
Mini cola flavoured bottles - 100g. Still taste as good as they used to.
Great tasting giant chewy Strawbz gums - 100g. Imagine the most sweet, succulent strawberries, and now imagine them them larger and TADAA!!!You have ... more info
Creamy white chocolate mice - 100g. These cheeky little things are irresistible, enjoy them with all your friends or just by yourself, they're ... more info
Colourful freaky fish with a tangy taste - 100g. You'll want more and more.... The kids love these and the adults cannot resist these. Gift packs for ... more info
Very tasty fruit lollies - 3pk Halal approved

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