New Products

Mega Sour Eye Poppers - 1 pack If you like sour taste, then you'll love the Mega Sour Eye Popper, hence the name...and with a bubblegum centre. Each ... more info
Tropical Jawbreaker Tasty tropical flavoured jawbreaker with a bubblegum centre. Each pack contains 5 tropical jawbreakers.
Sour Jawbreaker Hard candy balls with a bubblegum centre. 1 pack contains 5 jawbreakers
100g. Fish and Chips - Tasty white milk chocolate...batter free....
100g. Liquorice Bricks. Sour chewy candy bricks.
100g. Mini Braids are a colourful twisted chewy candy.
Scrumptious mixture of a variety of sweets. If you can't decide on a particular sweet then this mixture is sure to satisfy your taste buds. From ... more info
100g - These have been around forever, enjoyed by all. A classic retro sweet. What more can we say....enjoy. Suitable for vegetarians Ingredients: ... more info
100g - An old fashioned favourite, assorted lemon, pineapple and strawberry flavoured sherbet sweets with a mild fizz. Also available in new ... more info
100g - A twist on the iconic cola cube. Fruit flavoured hard boiled sweets. Everyone loves cola cubes... Also available in pineapple ... more info

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