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Giant Strawberries

Great tasting giant chewy Strawbz gums - 100g. Imagine the most sweet, succulent strawberries, and now imagine them them larger and TADAA!!!You have ... more info

Happy Tattoo Bubble Gum

100g Something different for the kids, contains a temporary tattoo, which is easily washed off.

Jelly Love Hearts

Pink and White jelly love hearts. 100g. Same as jelly beans but shaped like hearts, but the same amount of enjoyment. The pink and white contrast ... more info

Jungle Jelly Cola Bottles

Mini cola flavoured bottles - 100g. Still taste as good as they used to.

Jungle Jelly Sharks

Chewy Fruity Jelly - 100g. A mix of bright colours.

Liquorice Bricks

100g. Liquorice Bricks. Sour chewy candy bricks.

Mega Sour Eye Poppers

Mega Sour Eye Poppers - 1 pack If you like sour taste, then you'll love the Mega Sour Eye Popper, hence the name...and with a bubblegum centre. Each ... more info

Mini Braids

100g. Mini Braids are a colourful twisted chewy candy.

Petit Fours Gift Box

400g of delicious sweets from our range. A very special gift box, one of the most popular ones. Originally put together for Eid, but due to demand ... more info

Pineapple Cubes

100g - A twist on the iconic cola cube. Fruit flavoured hard boiled sweets. Everyone loves cola cubes... Also available in pineapple ... more info

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