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American Hard Gums

Assorted flavour hard gum - 100g. Chewy jelly in a sugar coat completely natural colours and flavourings. Suitable for vegetarians. Gluten free.

Assorted Toffee

Assorted toffees - 100g. When these toffees slowly melt in your mouth, you can truly indulge in the first to the last one you eat.

Bon Bons Mix Jar

Strawberry, Raspberry, Chocolate & Lemon Bon Bons - 300g A super mix of various flavours, a lovely gift for anyone on any occasion. Presented in a ... more info

Candylicious Slush Cup

Scrumptious mixture of a variety of sweets. If you can't decide on a particular sweet then this mixture is sure to satisfy your taste buds. From ... more info

Cola Cubes

100g - A truly iconic sweet. Fruit flavoured hard boiled sweets. Everyone loves cola cubes... Also available in pineapple give them a ... more info

Fish and Chips - Milk Chocolate

100g. Fish and Chips - Tasty white milk chocolate...batter free....


10 Multicoloured candy wraps.

Fizzy Cola Bottles

100g - An alternative to the usual jelly cola bottles, If you enjoy the sour fizzy taste then you won't be dissapointed.

Fizzy Gum Jar

Fizzy Gum Mix - 250g Mix of american hard gums and fizzy rings, fizzy cola bottles, jellies. A must for any gummy lover. A perfect gift for anyone. ... more info

Freaky Fish

Colourful freaky fish with a tangy taste - 100g. You'll want more and more.... The kids love these and the adults cannot resist these. Gift packs for ... more info

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